Praesent ut sem dignissim

AThursday, February 27, 2014

Mrs Michelle Obama, Madonna Ciccone and Dr Shelley Sykes are 3 mamas making a difference – inspiring women around the world that you can:
Have it all – Fame & Family (Madonna)
Eat Healthily & Stay fit on a budget (Michelle Obama)
Get Syked & Happy despite your circumstances (Dr Shelley Sykes)

This year on 1 April 2014 on Global Happiness Day these 3 ladies will receive their Global Happiness Awards in Washington for making a difference.

It is the Happy Charities 10th year and 10th global Happiness Day Event which is now celebrated in over 200+ Countries and Islands.

Run by volunteers, 100% of the funds raised goes to helping those in need of hope, health and happiness.

if you want to celebrate Global Happiness Day or create your own celebration please feel free to contact: