Charisse Mills
Charisse MillsEntertainer
Charisse Mills is an Entertainer with an Opera talent as well as a RnB voice. Her song Champagne was performed by Charisse ft. French Montana hit the US Charts. Charisse is also an entrepreneur with a fashion range.
Josh Moreland
Josh MorelandEntertainer
Josh Moreland sings & dances. He made it big in Germany despite being a Florida boy. With New Management his success is snowballing here in Los Angeles, across the Country & the rest of the world.
Shelley Sykes
Shelley SykesEntertainer/Speaker/Author
Shelley Sykes is a Designer, Inspirational Speaker, TV Host, Voice Artist & Award Winning Author, Song-Writer, with a Comedic flair. She has just created a Celebrity TV Show House in Malibu for Get Syked with Style.
Ken Davis
Ken DavisEntertainer
Ken Davis is an Australian ‘Diva’ of Spiritual Music having sold over half a million copies worldwide. He is the only other owner of a Crystal Piano in the world, the first being the late Liberachi. Ken travels the world.
912 Overgrind
912 OvergrindEntertainers
Big Fifth & the 912 Overgrind Hip Hop band from Savannah have a huge following in the South of the USA. Their gold grills & Butch fierce exterior belie big hearts of gold. These entertainers support the Happy Charity Kids.
Virgil Gibson
Virgil GibsonEntertainer
Virgil Gibson is the former lead singer of the famous Platters and Rivingtons Band. An Amazing Entertainer who still writes music & performs in California with both small & large audiences. He is an inspiration to new-comers.

Fashion Designers

Sue Wong
Sue WongFashion Designer
Sue Wong Designs received the 2016 Designer of the Year Award. Her fashions relate to the old Hollywood Glamorous & Graceful. Sue is currently expanding her reach into home decor & fashion design.
Dunya Yildiz
Dunya YildizFashion Designer
Dunya Yildiz is Turkey’s number one fashion designer. Dunya’s collections are sold throughout Germany & Europe, soon to be in the Stores of the USA. Her Brand Millions & Millions is colorful with easy flow lines.
Antonella Comatteo
Antonella ComatteoFashion Designer
Antonella Commateo received the 2017 Designer of the Year Award in the USA. Her fashions are quirky, modern, & quite memorable. Many Celebrity Musicians & Singers love to wear her designs.

TV Personalities

Matt Totty
Matt TottyActor
Matt Totty is not only Handsome with a Black Belt in Martial Arts, he is also a top financial consultant in America & in China. He has starred in many movies including Marvel’s Movies, Terminator & Get Syked TV.
Andrew Steele
Andrew SteeleActor
Andrew Steele is an Aussie Actor in love with an American Girl.He’s a lead in the Movie Make a Wish, Model for Celebrity TV Show House Get Syked with Style & Musician with a great voice & Matching Abs!
Madison Hildebrand
Madison HildebrandCelebrity Real Estate
Madison Hildebrand is Bravo TV’s Number One Malibu Realtor, with good looks & a big heart he is the Director of the Malibu Boys & Girls Club. Madison is savvy & a sought-after speaker in the Real Estate Industry
Harlan Post
Harlan PostActor
Harlan Post is a lead Actor & has appeared in Michael Bay’s Terminator. A regular bloke with a big heart willing to support fellow actors in need. He has appeared on the Get Syked with Style TV Show.
Rock Riddle
Rock RiddleTV Personality
Rock Riddle was a professional Award Winning Wrestler, Actor & now a publicist for new & upcoming Hollywood Stars. His book Hollywood Success is a Best-Seller for Hollywoods unique TV & Film Industry.
Steve Casaus aka 'Big Payaso'
Steve Casaus aka 'Big Payaso'Tattoo Artist
Big Payaso is a Tattoo artist to the largest music industry & reality stars here in California has a natural talent & a massive smile to create body art – the new fashion of today’s youth & not just bikers.
John Mowatt
John MowattTV Personality Pilot
John Mowatt is a British Pilot & Director of Heli Realtor’s. He not only takes people flying to find their house in Beverly Hills, Malibu & Bel Air he also is a trained Helicopter Instructor & a natural in front of the camera.
Charles Billach
Charles BillachArtist
Charles Billach is a Famous Australian Artist who has been commissioned to create works of art for the Chinese Olympics, Fortune 100 Companies & Governments. His Art Gallery based in Sydney, features naked women.
Jason Martell
Jason MartellTV Personality
Jason Martell of Ancient Aliens is a huge disciple of the late Zecharia Sitchin, who translated the Sumerian Text found in Iraq. Jason’s book on Ancient Alien Artifacts, claims history is much older than we think


Chef Yojisan
Chef YojisanCelebrity Chef
Chef Yojisan has a Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Beverly Hills & stars in the TV Show Get Syked for Fun Food & Fashion featuring his amazing skills at cutting & presenting sushi fish dishes & helps charity.
Chef Chauncey
Chef ChaunceyCelebrity Chef
Chef Chauncey is a sexy & happily married creative Chef specializing in African Cuisine with a unique flair. He stars in the TV Show Get Syked for Fun Food & Fashion with top Nigerian Mens Designer, Prince Couture.
Chef Jenny Ross
Chef Jenny RossCelebrity Chef
Chef Jenny Ross is a Best Selling Author & Owner of the restaurant 118 Degrees specializing in raw Vegan Foods. She presents everything from appetizers main & desserts in a delightful uncooked way!
Chef Tiko Riko
Chef Tiko RikoCelebrity Chef
Chef Tiko Riko is a Dab-Hand at all types of cooking yet he is famous for his Celebrity Party Canopés which were featured on the TV Show Get Syked for Fun Food & Fashion with Top Designer Sue Wong.
Chef Josh Mateo
Chef Josh MateoCelebrity Chefs
Chef Josh Mateo is a Chef specializing in Mexican, American & Indonesian Cuisine combinations, which stem from his Family Heritage. He is a family man with a big heart helping his kids, his Church & Charity.
Chef Myung Lee
Chef Myung LeeCelebrity Chef
Chef Myung Lee is a Korean Chef that was the first woman to win the Japanese Iron Chef cooking Competition. She has a Culinary Institute of California, a great Cook Book & cooks for Celebrities & Royalty.
Chef Bruno
Chef BrunoCelebrity Chefs
Sir Chef Bruno has cooked for the Pope at the Vatican in Italy & is a great Humanitarian helping feed thousands with Pasta. He has just released his first cook book & owns the White House Restaurant.
Balken Bayar
Balken BayarCelebrity Chef
Balken Bayar comes from a family of Bakers back in Turkey. They have set up a Beverly Hills Bakery called ‘Mama’s Secret Bakery & Cafe’ where designers, actors & directors visit to sample a little bit of Turkey.
Rosie Daley
Rosie DaleyCelebrity Chef
Chef Rosie Daley is famous for being Oprah’s Chef. She has her own Cook Book & is an amazing Celebrity Chef producing great healthy Canopés, Mains & Entrees. Chef Rosie even has a Healthy Breakfast Cereal.


Scott Martin
Scott MartinModel
Scott Martin is a Carpenter & Model. He has worked on the Get Syked with Styke Malibu Makeover TV Show as one of our Cabinet Makers. He has a great personality, plays the guitar & played a Butler in our music video.
Aisha Francis
Aisha FrancisDance Choreographer
Through her experience as a celebrity movement coach, professional dancer, and choreographer, Aisha Francis has evolved into a passionate dance expert that coaches both dancers and women including Beyonce.
Kegan English
Kegan EnglishModel
Kegan English is a perfect all-rounder. Tall, good looking, healthy, stylish, well spoken & capable of achieving anything. He loves fast bikes & fast cars. He starred in the Get Syked with Style Malibu Makeover Show.
Vlatka Vee
Vlatka VeeModel
Vlatka Vee is an Actress & Model. She was the 2014 Miss Hollywood. Vlatka has featured on both the Get Syked for Fun Food & Fashion TV Show Series & the Get Syked with Style in Malibu.
Samantha Kovacic
Samantha KovacicModel
Samantha was crowned Miss Nebraska 2014 & a Happiness Princess 2015. She was the talent model for the bathroom & pool scenes on the Get Syked with Style Malibu Makeover TV Show Series.
Nikki Garret
Nikki GarretModel
Nikki was crowned Miss California 2015 & a Happiness Princess 2015. She was the talent model for the bathroom & pool scenes on the Get Syked with Style Malibu Makeover TV Show Series.

Spiritual Persons

Mayan Time Keeper
Mayan Time KeeperSpiritual Sacred Calendars Day Keeper
Jose Federico Munoz is famous from Guatemala to Peru. He specializes in spiritual love blessings, Mother Earth healings & land blessings. He combines Native American ceremonies with those of the Mayans & Incas.
'Big Bear' Walter
'Big Bear' WalterSpiritual Drummer
Big Bear Walter has the ability to evoke the spirits & guides & beats his drum with such a deep vibration o change that of the people around him & raise their spirits so that they can be their very best.
Golden Arrow
Golden ArrowSpiritual Chaneller
Golden Arrow Channels the Spirit from the Palladian Constellation bringing love & guidance messages to those in need of reassurance that they are on the right path to their own bliss & purpose on this planet.


Nik Halik
Nik HalikMogul
Nik Halik is a Serial Entrepreneur from Australia. He is the first Civilian Astronaut to go to Outer Space from Australia. His passion is Adventure traveling from Kilimanjaro to the frozen waters of Antarctica.
Edward De Bono
Edward De BonoMogul
Dr. Edward De Bono is the creator of the Term Lateral Thinking. He has written 75 books. His Book the Six thinking Hats has been taught around the Globe both in Businesses & Universities for Cooperation.
John Demartini
John DemartiniMogul
Dr. John Demartini travels the World teaching his philosophies about Wealth & Success in the seven key areas of life. He is an expert by experience starting off as a dropout he now lives the life of Luxury.


Brian Lee
Brian LeeContractor
Brian Lee is a Handyman that starred in our TV Show Get Syked with Style Malibu Makeover. His experience includes everything from Carpentry to Car Mechanics. He is currently building his own car.
Kyle Georgian
Kyle GeorgianPresident of Artificial Grass Liquidators
Kyle Georgian is the president of Artificial Grass Liquidators & sponsored the synthetic grass for the Happy Pad at Mount Malibu for the Celebrity TV Show House. He appeared as himself on Get Syked with Style Mount Malibu.
Carl Menenti
Carl MenentiContractor
Carl Menenti is the owner of the All American Window Cleaning Company. He starred in the TV Show Series Get Syked with Style Malibu Makeover. Carl is also renowned as a drummer in a band!